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Artist Statement

Within my body of work, personal history is woven with that of the Andean region of Latin America. With a strong emphasis on materiality as a storytelling and conceptual device, I use both ephemeral and precious materials to reflect on time, memory, family, territory, nature, mourning, the body and collective experiences.

I often refer to my work as an abstracted autobiographical narrative. A story told through the framing of my own personal experience within a broader social and historical context. In my work, history is not only defined as the recording or retelling of past events but alsothe  production and organization of meaning through memory in real time. Utilizing different mediums, and methods, each object, video, or installation is situated within an ever expanding and contracting social, cultural, economic and political framework.

A key aspect of my practice is the exploration of ideas about our bodies and how we engage with them. In my work the body is not only regarded as biological or physical structure but also an experience, an action, and vessel for meaning and culture. As such I suggest that they are shaped by intersecting forces. These include histories and how they inform the present, the self within the collective, the negotiation between private and public spheres, health and illness and the body as refuge and confinement. Furthermore, I am interested in exploring rituals and belief systems through which we negotiate identity, contradictions between nature and progress, presence and absence, celebration and mourning and ultimately love and loss.

Employing materials including silver, cigarette ash, hair, leather and fruit; concepts such as time and stillness; devices including repetition and craft techniques and elements derived from both formal and informal cultural practices, the meaning of my work is frequently found within its own contradictions, much like Bolivia or Latin America.


University of Texas at Austin. Bachelor of Fine Arts.


FAARA, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

URRA, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kiosko, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Gasworks, London, United Kingdom

Solo shows

Vestimentas (12 de 12). Private collection. London, England
Moscas/ Plata. Persona Galería. La Paz, Bolivia
Te quiero a veces. Persona Galería. La Paz, Bolivia

Still Life with Others. Situations. New York, New York. USA

Presente. Centro Cultural de España en La Paz. La Paz, Bolivia

El viaje. SCAD Museum of Art. Savannah, Georgia. USA
Paisaje. Metales Pesados Visual. Santiago, Chile
Imposibilidad temporal pasada. Gonzalez y Gonzalez. Lima, Perú

Mantos. Galería Temporal, Santiago, Chile
Todo lo contrario. Nube Gallery, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Maricomio. Vox, La Paz, Bolivia
Espejo de cuerpo entero. Artespacio CAF, La Paz, Bolivia
LPB. Centro Cultural de España, La Paz, Bolivia
Río Adentro. CAF, La Paz, Bolivia
Forma y Movimiento. Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
From Ultra Madre. Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY. USA
Recent Work. Salon81, Brooklyn, New York. USA
Capullos. Kiosko Galería, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Ultra Madre. Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia
Dibujos. Fundación de Arte y Culturas Bolivianas, La Paz, Bolivia
Madre Santísima. Basement, New York, New York. USA
I want to swallow you just not whole. Happy Ending, New York. USA
Photographs. Bellevue, New York, New York. USA
Uncircumcised breasts and more. Flood Gallery, Austin TX

Group Shows


El Dorado. Americas Society. New York, NY. USA


El Dorado. Fundación PROA. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cuando no hay sombre es medio día. Nube galería. Santa Cruz, Bolivia
The Waste Land. Nicelle Beauchene. New York, New York. USA
America Weaves. Goral Gables Museum. Miami, New York. USA
Big Ringer. Andrew Edlin Gallery. New York, New York. USA
Exulto. Persona galería. La Paz, Bolivia
I see you. SCAD Musem of Art. Savannah Georgia. USA
Origen y Mito. Saco. Antofagasta, Chile

Reflexiones simultaneas. Museo Nacional de Arte. La Paz, Bolivia
Noche Larga de Museos. C.A.F., La Paz, Bolivia
Objeto. Centro de la Cultura Plurinacional, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Noche Larga de Museos. C.A.F., La Paz, Bolivia
América. New York, New York. USA
Bienal SiArt. La Paz, Bolivia
Arte contemporáneo Andino. Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, hoy. Tilcara,
Território, povoação. Blau, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Febrero Untitled, Metales Pesados. Santiago, Chile
Bienal do Mercosul. Porto Alegre, Brasil
Videobrasil. Sao Paulo, Brasil
Litio, Lima. Perú
Building imaginary bridges across hard ground. Dubai, U.A.E.
Objetos. CAF, La Paz, Bolivia
Chojcho Men. Alianza Francesa, La Paz, Bolivia
5to foro de arte contemp. y políticas culturales. Tucumán, Argentina
Mi vecino el otro. SACO3, Antofagasta, Chile
Dixit. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bolivia existe. Momenta, New York, New York. USA
Santa Cruz Bienal. Santa Cruz, Bolivia
713 Arte Contemporáneo. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Centro Cultural Británico. Lima, Perú
Contextos. Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Dot 51. Miami, Florida. USA
Del Infinito Arte. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Semi-Legit, Brooklyn. New York. USA
Santa Cruz Biennale. Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Kiosko Galería. Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Ceri Hand Gallery. Liverpool, England
Dialectos Digitales. La Paz, Bolivia
Asian Song Society. New York, New York. USA
Rafik, New York. New York. USA
Second Floor, New York. New York. USA
Fundación de Arte y Culturas Bolivianas. La Paz, Bolivia
Five Myles. Brooklyn, New York. USA
Supreme Trading Gallery. New York, New York. USA
Worksound Gallery. Portland, OR. USA
Unisex Salon,The Delancy. New York, New York. USA
Zone Chelsea Center for the Arts. New York, New York. USA
Austin Museum of Modern Art. Austin, TX. USA
Jack S. Blanton Museum. Austin TX. USA

Colección de arte Molino Andino. La Paz, Bolivia
Other Life Forms. Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, New
York. USA
Brooklyn Is Burning. MOMA PS1, New York, New York. USA

Brooklyn Is Burning, Glasslands Gallery. New York, New York. USA
Brooklyn Is Burning, Monkey Town. New York, New York. USA
Brooklyn Is Burning. Glasslands Gallery, New York, New York. USA

Exhibition for the Queen Sofia of Spain. Centro Cultural de España.
La Paz, Bolivia.
Video Installation. Larga Noche de Museos. C.A.F. La Paz, Bolivia.

Publications and catalogues
Made in Bolivia. Paola Campuzano.
Monocrome Undone. Sayago and Pardon.
When Does Contemporary Art Begin. Andrea Giunta.
100 Contemporary Artists Under 35. Laurence King Press
Ultra Madre, Catalogue. Museo Nacional de Arte.

Press and articles
Artishock, Artfcity, Austin American Statesman, Austin Chronicle, Clarin,
El Deber, Época, Gothamist, Huffington post, Hyperallergic, La Nación,
La Razón, Época, L’Officiel México, Página Siete, Raveline Magazine, S
Magazine, New York Observer, New York Magazine, New York Times,
Soma Magazine, The New Yorker, Time Out New York, Vanidades, W
magazine, WNYC.

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